The Makers of Femme Fatale SF

I started making earrings as a way to focus my creative energy and combine my love for art with my love for crafting. My hobby quickly turned into a passion, and since I've started, my range of earrings has grown considerably. In the future, I want to expand to make all different types of jewelry. I hope you enjoy!

Kyra Slattery, Co-founder and Co-creator

I've long been invested in supporting brands that are run by women that inspire me, and nothing inspires me more than women collaborating to accomplish great things. I figured it was time to do more than just support other businesses, so here we are, two femmes fatales. After all, what's more badass than two best friends running a self-made business together? I hope our jewelry encourages you to find and express your inner femme fatale with pride!

Sadie Scott, Co-founder and Co-creator


 Femme Fatale SF

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